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When most people hear the term, “shingle roofing,” they likely think of asphalt shingles, which are the single most common type of roofing in the Bellevue, ID region.

However, 5b Roofing LLC is experienced at installing all types of shingle roofing, including:

• Cedar
• Slate
• Flagstone
• Fiber cement
• Wood

Shingle roofing merely means the style in which the roofing material is installed. In this case, the asphalt or cedar is placed on the roof in overlapping patterns. At 5b Roofing LLC, I am adept at installing the material of your choice promptly but with care to ensure that the roof is completely covered.

As a roofer with more than twenty years of experience, I can meet with you to help you choose the type of shingle roofing that would work best for your needs and budget. Or I can inspect your roof to see if it needs repair.

When you call on me at 5b Roofing LLC, you can be certain that your roof will be properly measured and that your estimate will be completely above board and transparent. I have gained a reputation in the Bellevue area for providing an honest day’s work for a fair fee.

So rely on Bellevue’s best roofer when you need shingle roofing installation or repairs. Contact me at 5b Roofing LLC today for a free, no obligation estimate.