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5b Roofing LLC is the headquarters in Bellevue, ID for reliably durable flat roofing that is perfect for low slope buildings and available for low cost installation.

5b Roofing LLC specializes in EPDM flat roofing, a rubber membrane that I can install in black or white, which can help reflect the sunlight and lower energy bills. When you call me, we can discuss the needs of your building to determine the depth of coating you will require. Then I will install your flat roofing quickly and thoroughly, paying attention to every detail.

I am also expert in installing or repairing other types of flat roofing, including:

• Built-up roofing—This is a traditional hot tar and gravel roof that provides layers of protection.

• Modified bitumen—This is a single-ply rolled roof that is imbued with a base of minerals for wear. I use the advanced peel-and-stick type for faster and safer installation.

• Metal roofing—These come in a variety of styles and colors that you can select from according to your needs and budget.

When a flat roof springs a leak, it is vital to repair it quickly to prevent damage to the interior. I am available for fast scheduling to meet your needs promptly. I will arrive with all the tools, materials, and know-how to make quick work of your problem so you can be secure in your building again.

Contact me at 5b Roofing LLC today for a free, no obligation estimate for your flat roofing repair or replacement and get the most reliable and prompt service available in the Bellevue area.